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The Elastic Zenith (VOD)

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A rumination on the nature of the universe and the metaphysical questions about existence that humans have asked for thousands of years. THE ELASTIC ZENITH is a philosophical treatise disguised as a road movie and follows the experiences of two pregnant woman who are unsure about their futures when they seek advice from a 96-year-old Hopi Indian. This band of spiritual adventurers contemplate and explore the mysteries of the paranormal in an engaging and thought-provoking film about the mysteries of the universe. THE ELASTIC ZENITH is a truly mind-expanding trip.
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THE ELASTIC ZENITH is Produced and Directed by J.J. Barmettler, Associate Producer John Fromberg, Edited by Davide Molino.
Starring: Raven De La Croix, Naomi White Bear, Richard Corrie, Brandon Scott, John Fromberg, Ann Van Eps and introducing Sky Joshua at his birth.
Film festival award: Houston Worldfest Independent Video Category.
Distributors: VisionQuest Video, TMW Media, Gaia TV.
Production company: New Integrity Films (

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The Elastic Zenith is an award winning esoteric treatise disguised as a road movie.

9.31 GB
55 minutes
1440 x 1080 px

The Elastic Zenith (VOD)

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