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"Alien Secrets" the movie (VOD/TVOD) 86:00


"ALIEN SECRETS" the movie (86 minutes).
One man's search for an alien-human hybrid in America.
Independent feature film Produced by New Integrity Films and Distributed by Warner Bros., Polychrome Pictures, Netflix, Amazon, CinemaNow, AOL, Walmart (2007).

Produced by J.J. Barmettler, Brandon Scott, Richard Smith.
Theatrical Release 2007 Roswell, NM for the Roswell 60th Anniversary.
Winner Best Feature Film UFO Congress International Film Festival 2006.

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Bonus material includes: 3D animation comedy short film "Mortie & Harriet" (TRT 4:18), "Making Alien Secrets" BTS video (2:30), publicity stills, the award winning Alien Secrets Franchise VR-360 (6:30) VR video links and a .pdf with 4K screener Alien Secrets movie links you can share with friends and family. For a limited time you will also receive the E-Book "How to Videotape UFOs" by Sean Crayton (.pdf format) originally valued at $29.95.

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Film Synopsis #1: A clever send up of the UFO genre based on Brandon Scott's real-life escapades as he explores the UFO subculture with a biting edge and wit. Brandon plays a parody of himself, which takes us on a wild ride that at times seems like a cross between X-Files and Spinal Tap. Follow Brandon as he cleverly navigates his way through the world of Hollywood Celebrities, UFO Abductees and Alien/Human Hybrids while dogging a shadow government operative bent on stopping his findings. This offbeat and quirky sci-fi "hybrid" film has appearances with real icons from the UFO community and actual people claiming to be abductees and alien/human hybrids. With over twenty-five original songs, real UFO footage and daring subject matter, this provocative film is sure to be a cult sensation.

Film Synopsis #2: They're here and living among us! Filmmaker J.J. Barmettler and controversial UFO Investigator Brandon Scott have captured the UFO subculture from the inside out working with 43 artists, 23 abductees, 30 experts and 200 eyewitnesses who have all had experiences in the chilling UFO /Alien phenomenon. Their discovery shows that there is a hidden generation of alien/human hybrids living among us. In the process of the investigation a woman who believes she could be an alien/human hybrid speaks out for the first time ever caught on film. This “hybrid” narrative/documentary film weaves sci–fi and reality in an epic portrayal of one man’s fight for free will and his drive to save humanity.

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Trailer for "Secrets from the Underground" Vol 1 Budd Hopkins and Yvonne Smith (below) raw and uncut interview about Alien-Human Hybrid clients.

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Format: SD conformed to HD.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama
Motion Picture, Animation, Soundtrack, Digital Franchise, Pro.
Video On Demand (VOD) / Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD)

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Indie sci-fi comedy "Alien Secrets" feature film with bonus behind the scenes video, an animated film "Mortie & Harriet", downloadable movie poster, promotion pics, and movie soundtrack. Free bonus material is valued below.

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How to Film UFOs Manual
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"Alien Secrets" the movie (VOD/TVOD) 86:00

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